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Postnatal Doula Support

The postnatal period after having a baby can be a time of great change. Your body is recovering from birth, you will be sleeping less than you were used to and you are learning every day about the incredible new being you brought into the world. 

This is a time when all women deserve a little extra support and care. I care for women so they can feel calm and strong, so that they can then care with for their baby.

Postnatal Doula Package

I will work with you and your family, to offer practical, informational and emotional support in the period after having your baby, helping you to feel rested, nourished and confident as a new mother. 

What I offer:

  • ​Caring for your baby whilst you take time for yourself

  • Offer guidance or signposting around newborn care e.g. breastfeeding, sleep, sling-wearing

  • Preparing nourishing food for you (and perhaps family)

  • Light housework in your home

  • Being there to listen, over a cup of something warm and comforting


  • 20 hour blocks @ £20ph = £400.The 20hrs can be used flexibly, depending on your needs

  • 10 hour blocks @ £22ph = £220 (as above, regarding use of hours)

  • £25 per hour for anything below 10hrs

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Postnatal Urgent Hour 

Having a particularly tricky day? Perhaps you're feeling unwell and really need someone to help look after you and your baby?

We all have days when something unexpected comes along (illness, a family emergency etc) and we need to suddenly call upon some help to get us through the day, or perhaps a couple of days with our baby...I can come and care for you and/or your baby on a last minute request (if available) to make your life a little easier.

What I offer:

  • Last minute postnatal support (including all areas listed above e.g. care for baby, prepare food etc)

  • A nourishing, hearty soup


  • Minimum 2hrs

  • £30ph

* This is only possible if I have availability that day, and not supporting another client, but always try me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Ella, Postnatal Client

"Gabrielle came to support us as we welcomed our third baby into the family. Her serene and nurturing energy is contagious and we so looked forward to her twice-weekly visits. She was such an important addition to our ‘village’ and made the world of difference to our transition into third time parents and a family of five."

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