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Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga

I work with women to guide them through a yoga movement, breath practices and meditation that support your body and mind prenatally and postnatally. These practices can help you to feel stronger, more relaxed and more connected to your body and your baby. 

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Wednesdays, 5.45pm - 7pm,
The Unity Centre, Lewes

Pregnancy Yoga is a great way to maintain a healthy mind and body during pregnancy, and has many specific benefits, including: Improved sleep, stress reduction, increased flexibility and endurance (great for labour!), reduced lower back pain and decreased nausea.


It's also a beautiful way to focus on bonding with your baby and a great way to meet other amazing women who are preparing to be mums.

POSTNATAL YOGA (bring your baby)

Thursdays, 11am - 12noon,
The Unity Centre, Lewes

Postnatal yoga with your baby has many benefits;  it helps you to feel calm, rested and to carefully and gradually regain strength and comfort during this amazing and challenging time in your life. It's also a lovely way to take time to connect with yourself, your baby and other mothers.

Suitable from around 6-8 weeks after birth, depending on birth and recovery experience. Suitable for babies up to when they're crawling.

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby

Laura, Yoga client

"It has been such an important thing for me to have done- the friends I’ve made, connecting with my body through pregnancy and afterwards, your words about connecting with our strength as women - and of course you! "
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